What is Ionisation?

Are you looking for a “greener” solution to keeping your pool clean and un-green? Ionisation kills bacteria, fungi and viruses from your pool without the use of harsh chemicals. It is the easiest, cheapest and safest pool system you can choose.

How does it work?

"Ionisation" is the process of effecting water quality by the electrolysis of pure copper, or copper and silver alloys. Copper is algaecidal and Silver is bactericidal. Safe, low voltage DC current is transmitted to special anodes within the filtration process in our Water Ioniser Units.

This process - "electrolysis" - creates positively charged ions of silver, copper and other minerals which is called "ionisation" which are released, and accumulate in your pool water.

When your pool water goes through the innovative and harmless-to-you process of ionisation millions of metallic ions of copper, silver and zinc are generated in the water. By harmlessly getting these charged ions into your pool a disinfectant and algae-killing process begins. These ions stay for a long time because they do not evaporate in sunlight and are not effected by power cuts and the residual sanitising effects last for weeks – ensuring you will never come home to a green pool.



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